What others are saying about Randall Hartman

"Dear Mr. Hartman,Thank you for being a wonderful piano teacher to Alex, Josh and Jake for over 8 years.

You are not just a teacher but a friend and a mentor to them.  Every week you greet them with a bright smile and make playing piano fun.  You didn't just teach them how to play notes but also helped to cultivate their passion for music.  Kids look forward to piano lessons with you.  I'm sure that one day when they become parents themselves, they will look back and fondly remember Mondays with Mr. Hartman."

      The Millers


 "Randall Hartman performs piano with ease and enjoyment....a strong rhythmic sense and a very natural technical facility...his recitals were played with real musical excitement and flair."

     C. Nolan Huizenga A.Mus.D., U. of Mich.

     Head of Keyboard Dept., Prof. of Piano

     Houghton College


"Randall Hartman's pianism is quite impressive and his musicality infectious." 

     Alexander Fiorillo, Prof. of Piano

     Temple University


"Mr. Hartman is an intelligent musician... his approach to teaching was articulate and commanding."

     Maria del Pico Taylor

     Associate Prof. of Piano 

     Head of Group Piano

     Temple University


"This was a brilliant recital.  Randall Hartman has superb technique and total control which he displays with ease and a seemingly relaxed naturalness of motion."

     Bruce Archibald

     Professor of Music

     Temple University


"Mr. Hartman has good fingers, good memory and musically clear mental picture.  The Beethoven sounded like a masterpiece in his hands, it was a pleasure to hear.  The Brahms was very passionate and emotionally penetrating, almost disturbing in its dramatic course.  The Rhapsody was excellent both emotionally, architectonically and technically, this was one of the better performances of this piece that I can remember.  The Rachmaninoff was imbued with tantalizing nostalgia so characteristic of the composer's moodiness, and projected beautifully by Randall Hartman."

     George Sementosky

     Prof. of Piano

     Temple University


"I know one of his current students and have seen the progress over the years, not only in technical ability but for love of music.  This is a hard thing to balance as an artist and teacher, but one which Randall strives hard to maintain.  Randall is comfortable in many styles of music such as jazz, classical, and pop.  This demonstrates his versatility and dedication to his craft."

     Adam Brittain, B.A.,M.A.T

     General Music and Chorus

     Maple Glen Elementary School


"You are an absolutely amazing pianist!  I have been so blessed to work with you and you made my job so easy!

     Christine Bass

     Choral Clinician


"Your amazing talent was a great help.  It was an incredible experience playing with you."

     Dan Taylor




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  • Nishant Chintala (Tuesday, October 01 19 11:40 am EDT)

    Mr. Hartman is an exceptional teacher, mentor, and guide. In the five years that I have been his student, I went from knowing very minimal about the piano to being able to perform incredible musical pieces. His passion for music is inspiring and he always comes to every lesson with an enthusiasm that is second to none. Moreover, his teaching style focuses highly on being able to master the fundamentals and using them as building blocks to take on challenging pieces. This style is very conducive to rapid and stable growth in talent. Overall, I would highly recommend Mr. Hartman to anyone who has a sincere interest in learning the piano.

  • Sarah Cornwell (Wednesday, August 07 19 04:40 pm EDT)

    Mr. Hartman has a true love of music and its contagious! My daughter loves her lessons and is excited to learn the piano.

  • Mary Hanson Fatzinger (Tuesday, August 06 19 05:49 pm EDT)

    My son took piano lessons from Randall Hartman for 12 years. Randall helped him discover his innate skill, love of music, and technical acumen. He learned self-discipline and gained a sense of pride and accomplishment over the years--thanks to Randall's great patience, persistence, and caring method of teaching. Such a pleasure to work with him!

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